Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurray for Blogging!

I am putting up a personal blog now. (Hurray!)
I need help with the layout! This is not yet the final blog, I'll make improvements soon! :D

This blog will contain my everyday thoughts, feels and crappy stuffs, so please bear with it. I'm not that savvy on anything, so I hope you can spare this blog from your frivolous whining. I'm just using this so I can escape from boredom.

This blog will also contain rants, reviews, features, cosplays and whatnot. It will be updated from time to time, whenever I feel bored, ambivalent, in high spirits or whatever. I hope this will be useful sooner or later.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

First comment ako! I will be looking forward for your posts soon. TC Steiny!

Stein Vivero said...

Thanks, anon! LOL

ninny said...

congratzie fer de new bloggie! n_n

Stein Vivero said...

Thanks nai! :D mowa

Yumicchi said...

Waaaaaahhhhhh~ sugoi da ne!!! Boku mou! Boku mou!

Nande Gakupo nan da no????


Stein Vivero said...

Thanks Yumi!

Pafael / Roy said...

Hi, I'm from Brazil and I'm following you in WorldCosplay x)

Congratulations for the blog, looking foward to your next post :3

Obs. I fell in love with this pic


Stein Vivero said...

Hello Roy, nice for you to drop by in my empty blog. Thanks!

I appreciate it, if you can send or link me to your worldcosplay account, I'll follow you back. :)

Pafael / Roy said...

You'r already following, but thanks XD

Hey, why don't you put the button for people who wants to follow your blog?

I got a blog too, but is all in portuguese, I guess it's useless to show you @_@