Thursday, July 4, 2013

Jean Kirschstein and Eren Jaeger

"Only the victors are allowed to live. This world is merciless like that." — Mikasa Ackerman

Attack on Titans/ Shingeki No Kyojin cosplay
Paul Martin Sandi as Eren Jaeger
Me as Jean Kirschstein
Photo by Fritz Tentativa
3dM Gear by Cykah Malagad

A collaboration/ pairing shoot with one of the best person I've met in the cosplay community. Way back 2010, I met Paul in Toycon'10 and was really amazed with his cosplay. This is actually a dream came true project to collaborate w/ him.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cosplay Game Groove V2.13

Bacolod's 888 Chinatown Square presents Cosplay Game Groove V2.13. 

The home of cosplayers, 888 Chinatown Square brings you another fascinating theme for the annual February cosplay event in Bacolod.

It's going to be another deadly battle of the finest cosplayers  in town. Not only that, I bet there are a lot of surprises and prizes waiting! So what are you waiting for? Registration is already ongoing. If you register early you can save around 30-40% off compared to the onsite registration fee. It's another event that you should not miss, so please register as early as possible! Just look for Katz Tecson at 888's Admin Office. 

  The posters and mechanics are already up. Please feel free to visit their cosplay page if you have any inquiries.

Theme: Gaming (Online/Offline games are allowed)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Harajukize NGC 22


We are inviting you to come and Harajukize NGC 22. Our theme is all about Martial Arts. So better come in your best Martial Arts costume/ character this Saturday at the New Government Center. (Any character will do as long as they have something to do w/ martial arts) Try to check here for anime/manga characters:

Since this is the 1st Harujukize NGC for year 2013, we decided to make it grander. Win exciting prizes and goodies! (This will come in cash, items and certificates). Please share and tag along!