Thursday, November 15, 2012


Some things will change. Some things will not be the same. 

Banazure Project: Stein Vivero

About the Project

This is one of the projects that I've been dreaming to work. The concept was inspired from many things around the internet. I am still on the process working on these and this is not yet finalized. This project will hopefully have its debut on my birthday 01.25.13 and this will not be possible without the help from friends and family.  


I think it's too early for me to spoil everything but I feel like spilling the beans (teehee). You gotta see the prince(ish) side of me (I AM ONLY JOKING). There are different concepts playing in my mind and it really challenges my creative side and being practical. I also do ask suggestions from close people so we can come up a good output. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and looking forward for the coming days.